This ride started as an easy rainy Sunday ride, and turned into a difficult mountain bike epic. I am calling it Alan’s ride for the young rider who went with us, and braved everything it had to offer.  This is not for the faint of heart, riders who don’t like creek crossings, and those who can handle a little pushing.  You will not ride the lower part of the Mill Creek Trail, and can expect to cross the creek more times than you can count.

There are a lot of nice features on this ride, but the Boulder Creek Falls is the top one.   Boulder Creek Falls is accessible from both Shoreline Drive, and near the Judge Carr Powerhouse.

The Route:

  • Oak Bottom to start the Great Ditch Trail
  • Turn right across Clear Creek Bridge and take switchbacks to Clear Creek Vista Trail
  • Turn Around at the Eldorado Mine and climb the Mill Creek Trail
  • Continue left on Mill Creek Trail to Boulder Creek Trail (Be sure to stop at Boulder Creek Falls)
  • Turn left on Shoreline Drive and follow back to the Great Ditch Trail