Black Rock is one of those spots that will stick in your mind after you experience it.  This is one of those places that has a very strong Native American feel to it, and an entrance that is breath taking.  After the long dirt road ride, you are greeted by a fine valley that has a gigantic Black Rock several hundred feet tall standing up at the bottom with Mill Creek flowing around its Northern Side.

Black Rock lies at the Southern edge of the Mill Creek Canyon in Northern California.  Take Highway 36 East out of Red Bluff, California to Paynes Creek, and turn right.  The road will take you past the Ishi Conservation Camp and finally to Lyman Springs where you turn right.  The road is dirt from here on out,  and depending on how fast you drive is about one hour to Black Rock.

The Cliffs to the left on the way down have a large opening about 12 feet wide by 50 feet tall, and set in a 150 foot tall shear face.  If repelling is your thing, this may  be an excellent place to test your skills, and check out a very cool natural feature.  If you find, an old medicine man in there let us know.  I think taking ascenders would be a good idea, just in case the rope won’t reach the bottom.

Black Rock offers its visitors a swimming hole that is incredible. The Indian presence from many years ago permeates the very rock, nothing creepy here it is more like being in a church. The massive Black Rock sits to the South of Mill Creek that has cut a great groove through the massive rock, then reaching the end it turns to a powerful 2 foot high waterfall. Amazing enough is that going off the falls is the intended activity for most that choose to partake.   If you can figure out how to do this then you are worthy of the prize.

Take a hike around, climb the Rock itself, and most of all get in touch with the Native American Spirit left behind.