Brandy Creek Falls is a multi faceted day adventure, and offers a variety of choices for access. The Brandy Creek Trail has something for everyone whether they go all the way to the falls or not.

The Brandy Creek Trail has always been one of my favorite short mountain bike rides in the Whiskeytown Recreation Area. It can take you all the way from the parking area on Shoreline Drive, to the Lower and Upper Brandy Creek Falls. On the way down, I always like to include the Davis Gulch Trail for some really sweet downhill.

The trail is mainly single track, and does use the road in several areas to bypass some areas. Staying on the trail for the climb will give creek crossings, technical uphill, steep uphill, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. We bypassed the section of the Brandy Creek Trail out of Sheep Camp.

Brandy Creek Falls Loop Map