Brokeoff Mountain,  in the Lassen Volcanic National Park, and is a great place to find an alpine environment any time of year.   It offers an easy access year round to a pristine high altitude world.

I have always loved the Ridgeline that leads to this mountain, as it offers great views, and multi-level skiing like nowhere else in the park.   Two groups could hike the same Ridgeline, and experience the same breathtaking adventure, but at intermediate or expert levels.  One group could drop off a cornice onto a steep run, while the other could cruise the ridgeline woopty doos at intermediate levels.

Take Highway 36 out of Red Bluff, at the top of Morgan Summit take the Highway 89 turn to Lassen Park.  Park at the entrance, near the stone columns, and you are ready to begin.

There are a couple of ways to begin your ascent of, and if you keep the ridgeline as your goal, there is no way to fail.  There are two ways to attain the ridgeline, go far left and loop around, or post hole your way straight up.  I usually post hole unless the conditions are dangerous.  If you don’t know how to determine the avalanche danger, stay to the left, and take the long way up through the trees.

Hike the ridge as far as you like until you find the perfect drop zone, or have decided to back the way you came, either way the adventure will have been worth it.  The pictures below are from two different spring skiing trips, one with fresh snow and the other crystal clear.