Bully Choop Mountain sits at the SE of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in California and stands 6975 feet above sea level. There are two primary routes to the top, and both are over 14 miles of off-road tiding.

I remember riding to the top of Bully Choop decades ago on my mountain bike. The forest was lush, but after the Carr Fire it was all but gone, and the charred landscape is heartbreaking. However, a stop at Coggins Park about mid-way has some surviving large trees that are worth a look.

A Bully Choop adventure still has a lot to offer. Over 14 miles of decomposed granite road that is a motorcycle riders dream, and of course the view from the lookout itself. Around the last half mile is another story, strewn with baseball to football sized rocks, and a struggle for most vehicles. Low clearance and poor traction vehicles should avoid taking this journey entirely.

Bully Choop’s prominence in the surrounding area is impressive, like most lookouts. The tower has not been closed for access yet, so you can take in the full experience. Unfortunately, the pictures I took were affected by fire and smoke.

You cannot go wrong with a trip to the top of Bully Choop. Fantastic panoramic views, decomposed granite road, and an off-road adventure to remember.