The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS was on sale so I bought one, and for under $200 I got exactly what I was after.  I wanted a camera with a great zoom, easy to use, image stabilization, and that is exactly what I got.

The first outing with this camera was immediately after I received it, on a trip down the Oregon Coast. Because of rainy conditions, I didn’t use it much until the third day at Otter Point.  We hiked down to the beach on the left side of Otter Point, and this would be my first satisfying experience with the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS.

It has a small 2” display, but it takes great shots near and far, motion or no motion.  I wear glasses so the little screen could be larger, but it does the job.

The 50X optical zoom is impressive, and up to 200X digital is pretty amazing to a non-photographer.  I could see things I wouldn’t have been able to see with my binoculars.  See the pictures, they tell the story.  Definitely time for a fresh pair of Binoculars!

Action photos are a breeze with the SX530 HS.  It is easy to learn, and it takes great shots.  The Pelicans pictured diving into the waves were about a football field away, and the ones in the distance were only visible with the camera.  It amazed me it caught the Pelican taking off at that distance, another tribute to the zoom on the SX530 HS.

It was probably the settings I used, but lower light photos have the grainy look of digital pictures of old. 

I think most of the magic has to be in the Image Stabilization feature.  Without that feature, it would blur most of the shots taken from movement as I am not the steadiest person using a camera.  Using Image Stabilization in today’s photography is a huge blessing for those blessed with extra picture blurring movement.  This really is a significant change for me.

The SX530 HS is a crazy cool camera for the money.  Reach out farther than many and actually get a picture.  Catch motion in action.  All with the magic of Image Stabilization.