The ride starts at the Peltier Parking Lot below Whiskeytown Dam on the Paige Bar Road.  From this parking area, there are trails taking off in every direction.  To start this ride use the Clear Creek Canal Trail at the North end of the parking lot.

The first half mile of the ride is up and down until it crosses the road, then it covers a few miles of on an old water ditch trail before starting a series of ups and downs. Taking the Shasta Mine Loop, then Prospect will put you on Mule Town Road, turn right and the Salt Creek Trail will be at the bottom.

The Salt Creek Loop actually goes up the creek bed and would be best to take only during periods of low to no water. Riding in Creeks is bad for the bike, bad for nature, and should be avoided when possible.

On the way back to the parking lot take the Canal Trail to wind things down.

Route: Clear Creek Canal Salt Creek
Activity: Mountain Bike
Distance: 10.99 miles
Ascent: 1850
Descent: 1854
Calories: 478