This an in and out bike ride, offering steady climbing, great views, and a big tree pay off at the end.

The ride starts at the parking lot for the Whiskeytown Falls, and turns to a dirt road within a quarter of a mile.  Once on the dirt road, it is steady climbing for a couple of hours save a few little downhills.  Turn left at the top to Coggins Park, and take the amazing old growth trees there.

Just a little further down the road, on the left, is the trail to Shasta Bally, and is a nice spot to take in the view of the West Side of Shasta Bally.

The Route:

  • Take Crystal Creek Road off of Hwy. 299 East
  • Park at the Whisketown Falls parking lot
  • Ride up the road and turn right on the dirt road
  • At the top turn left at the gate