Crater Lake Zipline is located a short drive on Highway 140 out of Klamath Falls Oregon. Reservations are required for trouble free zipping, however, a walkin may get lucky on the right day. We were there mid-week and the place was packed for every tour.

This is a first class operation where nothing is left to chance. All zippers are weighed, fitted for gear, and taught zipline basics at the base of the mountain. Once the guides have assessed that all zippers have properly fitting harnesses, helmets, and gloves the tour is loaded in to several UTV’s for a steep ride to the top of a little mountain.

There is a training session at the top where everyone is instructed on how to ride, brake, and hand over hand in case you get stuck. All of the training is done on a line where ground easily be touched with your feet. Once the instructors are comfortable with the abilities, and comprehension of the group the fun begins.

There are nine Zipline’s on the way down with two skybridges, and two rappel’s. You will find after the first couple of runs that braking is very easy and if you want to get some speed up it isn’t a problem. By our third line, my wife and I were cannonballing nearly to the end with a fast stop.

This is a fantastic way to have a thrill ride that will last for several hours. You form a momentary bond with the group you are experiencing the adventure with, and if you are lucky you will have amazing guides like we did. It is said that employees usually reflect the owners/management and in our case it held true. I had a chance to talk to one of the owners on the trail and was very impressed with the professional, yet genuinely friendly attitude.