The Evergreen Aviation Museum is a must see for any aviation enthusiast, or for anybody that appreciates the spirit of ingenuity.  This complex has multiple features that are housed in gigantic hanger like, but modern steel structures.  There is an aviation museum with an extensive host of World War II aircraft, a space museum with a variety of rocket propelled wonders, the 3D theater, and a waterworks park for year round sliding fun.

We started at the Aviation Museum, purchased tickets, and began an adventure in time that was more elaborate than what we had expected.  $25.00 per person allows you all day access to everything except the Wings and Waves Water Park,  and my opinion is that it was a tremendous value at the price.

The Aviation museum has the Spruce Goose built by Hughes Aircraft as its centerpiece, but followed up by many of the famous planes one would expect from World War II.  There are marvellous stories, great planes, all cut from a time in history when humanity hung on the edge of disaster.  The aviation museum is first class in every way, from the ultra modern steel structure to the exhibits housed within.  There is even an extensive weapons display on a second floor.

The Space Museum is amazing, full of rockets, space capsules, satellites, not to mention a SR-71 Blackbird.  You can look inside of a Mercury space capsule, a Gemini capsule, or explore the Titan II rocket that hurled them into space.  Surrounded by exhibits, the main features are well supported by themes and documentation that are highlighted by interactive displays.  The Titan II goes several stories below the main deck, with a mock control center of the time, and the ability to view the engines up close.  The SR-71 has one of its four engines pulled from the plane, and is on a trolley for viewing.  This museum is a must see for anyone who has any interest in the origins of the Space Program.

The Theater Complex is one of the nicest cinemas I have been in anywhere, and the 3D shows run from morning until late afternoon.  Definitely worth taking a break, and watching a movie during the day.