Faery Falls is an easy to find waterfall on Ney Springs Road. Take the Castle Lake Road West of the Box Canyon Dam on Lake Siskiyou and turn left on Ney Springs Road, when you reach Ney Springs Creek you are there. On the way down to the creek, a road takes off to the right and is the main route to Faery Falls. Park at the beginning of the road and start hiking up, or park at Ney Springs Creek and take the trail that goes up to the road. It is possible to drive up the road and park within a very short distance of Faery Falls but skipping that and walking is the best option.

Faery Falls lies at the end of a 1.1-mile hike that climbs around 240 feet. The hike is a gentle climb until it arrives at the old Ney Springs Resort. There are several sites where you can see the remnants of a water system and a hot pool. From this point on the road gets a little steeper and the goal is finding a little path that takes off to the left of the road. I think there are several of these small paths before the right one comes along but they are short and just take one to the creek.

Once you reach the correct path it is obvious in an instant because Faery Falls fan is visible through the trees. In less than two hundred yards the base of Faery Falls is easy to reach. Faery Falls is a nearly fifty-foot segmented fan waterfall and a real beauty, worth the short hike to see it.