Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to spend some time in a winter wonderland skiing. Heavenly features 97 trails serviced by 28 chairlifts, with nine of those chairlifts being high speed. There is also a Gondola starting right in the middle of the Heavenly Village offering access to an observation point and the Tamarack Lodge. Heavenly is split into a California side and a Nevada side, each with their own unique character.

Accommodations in the area vary from small quaint hotels to several thousand square foot castle like homes. There is no easy answer to finding a place to stay, but with a sincere effort on google an appropriate option will present itself. Lately, I have found the home rentals to be an amazing option for a similar price as most hotels with excellent features.

Buying tickets for Heavenly is best done weeks in advance. There is a nice discount awarded, and RFID cards arrive in the mail ready for use before leaving on the ski trip. Epic passes previously purchased can simply be reloaded online. This step saves money, and time allowing parking lot to lift skiing with no ticket booth.

Skiing Heavenly can begin from four locations; the Heavenly Village via the Gondola and the California Lodge on the California side, or the Boulder and Stagecoach Lodges on the Nevada side. There are pluses and minuses to any of these so be sure to read some reviews to match the starting point with an individual or group’s needs. Our usual route starts at the California Lodge, up the Gun Barrel Express and we work our way through the lifts to the end of the Nevada side and back.

Heavenly is an adventure, delivering excitement, culture, and an experience like no other on and off the mountain. Carefully prepared corduroy ski runs and beautiful panoramic views fill the ski day with something for everyone to enjoy. The afternoon and night can be as much of an adventure in South Lake Tahoe in the Heavenly Village or several minutes walk away to the never sleeping Nevada casinos.