Hedge Creek Falls can be accessed from the North end of Dunsmuir in Northern California. It is a interesting falls for several reasons, and is well worth the short quarter mile hike from the road.

The trail to the falls is very gentle, and should be manageable by most people. The day we went there a baby in a stroller with us, and even though there were a few pick up spots all went well. Though, I must say that the baby proved to be amazing by the end of the day.

Hedge Creek is relatively small, so the flow off of the top is minimal, but the free fall over the cave behind is awesome. The water drops 30 feet, and lands on a hard rock slab. Whether standing behind the waterfall, or in front, it is easy to think about taking a shower in the gentle falling water.

On the other side of the falls a trail continues towards the river. There is a nice Vista built overlooking the river, and a clear view of Mount Shasta in the background.