Hogsback Lookout is an obscure location, and not readily on the map. However, even though there are no clear roads on the map it has a well-traveled road to the top. Although it is a bit steep toward the top four-wheel drives and ADV motorcycles should have no problems if the rider/driver has experience.

The map below will get you to the lookout, but Potem Falls is an easy location to find on Google for a reference point on the Fenders Ferry Road. Potem Falls is visible from the road, and a short hike for those who love beautiful waterfalls. A short distance farther down the Fenders Ferry  Road is Forest Service Road 35N46, and was clearly marked for Hogsback Lookout. Near the top turn onto 35N93, and again on 35N93A. You can see the lookout off to the right several times on the road up, and if you keep where it is at in mind you should find it.

The lookout is still in place, but unfortunately has had some vandalism. Access to its upper deck is available and affords visitors some great views. The site has communications gear, and a Faraday Cage with God knows what inside. Like most lookouts these days, I would think access will someday be limited to only those who hike in, but for now it is open.

The hallmark of this location is a view of Mount Shasta to the North with Grizzly Peak in the foreground. The Trinity Alps is in clear view to the West, several peaks to the South and East. Standing in the Southeast is Mt. Lassen and Mt. Brokeoff. Viewing below in the West is the bridge over the Pitt River that was crossed just before Potem Falls.

A trip to Hogsback lookout will not disappoint, great views and a nice adventure. Tie in Potem Falls for a beautiful waterfall hike and you have icing on the cake.