An out and back 12-mile ride that has a little bit of something for everyone. It takes in the Hornbeck, Lower Ditch, with small sections of the Upper Ditch and FB trail mixed in. This trail ride is an extended version of the Hornbeck Lower Ditch Trail I wrote about in April.

I struggle with finding rides that are just right for everyone; there is either too much of everything or not enough. This mountain bike ride combines so many features it is hard to describe its true worth adequately. The trail is well marked, has a bathroom at the halfway point, wide open vistas, and a mountain bike roll that just feels right. An excellent trail to bring novice riders for a taste of what a more advanced ride would be like without the physical endurance and skill requirements on an intermediate or advanced adventure.

Directions: Start at the Hornbeck Trailhead on Quartz Hill Road. The map on this page is in a clockwise direction and has Red markers at all of the key intersections.

Finished Mountain Bike: Nov 5, 2016, 2:59:41 PM
Route: New Route
Distance: 12.26 miles
Ascent: 755
Descent: 720
Calories: 535