If you are looking for a nice little adventure in your Kayak, this seven mile run on Clear Creek may be of interest. The Creek offers Class I, Class II, and Class III water, with a narrow chute that is Class V. The Class V section is short with an easy portage around it, there is a potential for loss of life there so it is best avoided at all costs unless taking risks is what you are into.

Note: It is important to scout the chute area at the old Seltzer Dam location. Know where you will get out of the creek, the portage around the chute, and where you will get back in. It would also be wise to scout the China Garden exit to know where to get out of the creek.

Whitewater Classifications

This is a shuttle run on Clear Creak Road, one vehicle is left at the China Garden Trailhead and the other at the Horsetown Trailhead where the Kayak run starts. Once at the Horsetown Trailhead, it is a short portage to Clear Creek below the bridge and the beginning of a near 7-mile paddle.

The beginning starts right off with some Class II-III rapids that end within a half a mile giving way to some nice fast water. There are occasional sections of small rapids before the Seltzer Dam portage, but for the most part, it is just fast water.

My recommendation would be to get out of the water at Seltzer Dam wherever your comfort level leads you. There are really two places, one substantially before the chute and one right at its beginning. Port your craft to the steep trail just before the Clear Creek Gorge Parking Lot, stay left at the turn and you are back in the Creek.

The rest of the mileage is made up of rapids and fast moving water all the way to the China Garden Trailhead.