Kings Creek Falls are nestled to the South of the Kings Creek Meadows, close to two miles in, and hundreds of feet below Highway 89. Unfortunately, the trail currently is in poor condition in several areas, the signs are not accurate, but the payoff waiting at the end is worth.

There is kind of a distraction part way to the Kings Creek Falls, and I am sure that many will stop at the Kings Creek Cascades thinking they are at the Falls waiting hundreds of feet below. The trail system from the top of the Cascades is poorly marked, and the best advice I can give is to stay left. Once you see the trail descending into the gorge, you have found the way to the Kings Creek Falls. Once you reach the bottom, it is a short hike beside Kings Creek to reach the Falls.

Kings Creek Falls are probably around thirty feet high, and cascades down a vertical rock face of jutting ledges. The water flow isn’t impressive, but the natural beauty of the cascade is artistically perfect. There are several vantage points to view the falls from aside from the top. I would encourage anyone slip down creek beyond the railing, a descend to creek level for a front row seat.

Kings Creek Falls are one of those hikes that are uphill on the way out, so the hardest work is after the payoff. The sight of the pretty Little Falls will provide plenty of motivation to propel the weary out of the gorge, and hopefully on to Mill Creek Falls that can be easily done in the same day.