Mlwetow is an acronym for Mary Lake, Wintu, Elevator, and Top of the World leaving out various other parts of the ride. This is a healthy ride that connects Mary Lake with Swasey. Street, neighborhood, and miles of great Mountain Bike Trail. Start at Mary Lake and knock four miles off of the ride, but you still get all of the climbing.

For the full ride start at the Yellow Gate on Starlight Blvd. and enjoy the leg warm up getting to Mary Lake. There are plenty of options on this ride to add or reduce mileage and effort, and if the Wintu section is kicking your tail then riding by the Elevator might be a good idea as well as the top of the world on the way back.

Route: Mary Wintu Elevator TOW
Activity: Mountain Bike
Distance: 20.11 miles
Ascent: 2784
Descent: 2571
Calories: 934
Bike: New Bike