The Mt.Ashland Super D is a fantastic gravity experience like no other, flowing, swooping, and screaming down 5400 vertical feet over 14 miles. The people involved in the planning, building, and maintaining of the Mt. Ashland Super D have produced a masterpiece with a full-length lifeline fire road bailout. Trails like this are what we mountain bikers dream of finding.

The journey should begin with scheduling a shuttle ride with Ashland Mountain Adventures, for a reasonable fee you can bag a ride to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area, the beginning of the Mt. Ashland Super D. It is important to support the local economy and the people who make treasures like this a reality. The team who run the Ashland Mountain Adventures are the salt of mountain biking, like instant friends, and if anything will undersell the trail.

The Mt. Ashland Super D is 14 miles long, 850 feet of ascent and around 5400 feet ear to ear grinning descent. Super D begins bombing down a fire road from the Mt. Ashland Ski Area that quickly turns into a single track, from this point on the single track takes over. Multiple trails are connected to create the Super D, periodically intersecting a bail out fire road for the entire length of the ride. Bowl turns, fast lines, rollers, jumps, and a few rock gardens are there to relish and dream about until your next visit. This place is that good. I usually layout the trail but out of respect for the locals, I will leave this to them because they deserve the call, the business, and the praise for a trail that will exceed expectations.

At the end of the Super D is the Artsy City of Mt. Ashland, and a nice place to break for lunch. The single track ends on Glenview Drive and is a short distance from town. Turn left off of Glenview Dr. on West Fork St., left on paved Fork St. that turns into South Pioneer St., through two traffic lights to beer and food on the left at your choice of Gil’s or Ruby’s ride up establishments.

After getting recharged, it is time to ride the bike path back to Ashland Mountain Adventures for another round. I highly recommend doing the Super D twice in one day, but leave that decision to your body.

I will be going back as soon as possible to run the Super D again and try out the West Side offering of the area. Mt. Ashland is a bucket list kind of place that downhill mountain bikers often dream about. Super D is not a place for the faint of heart, out of shape, poorly equipped rider, it is a place for confident, geared up gravity enthusiasts, that know how to appreciate a work of art trail system.

Finished Mountain Bike: Sep 2, 2016, 4:15:02 PM
Route: Mt. Ashland Super D
Distance: 14.50 miles
Ascent: 853
Descent: 5533
Calories: 665