Multnomah Falls, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon is in the middle of an amazing geological cornucopia of waterfalls. This area has some of the highest waterfalls in the nation, amazingly, many are visually accessible from the Historical Columbia River Scenic Highway. Multnomah Creek makes to drops to form Multnomah Falls. The first drop is a 542 feet, and the second is 69 feet, combined they make the beautiful Multnomah Falls.

Once you see the classic picture of Multnomah Falls with the old arched concrete Benson Bridge crossing the lower section, it will stick in your mind as a bucket list waterfall candidate. Rightfully so, this waterfall is a great day destination, with a State Park Lodge featuring a Fine Restaurant, Gift Shop, and Visitors Center. The bridge in the image is visible from the Columbia River Highway, and a short one quarter mile hike to reach it.

The hike to the top of the falls is 1.1 miles from the Lodge, climbing the full 611 feet to the top. After crossing Benson Bridge the paved trail is steep most of the way to the top, with a few fine views of Multnomah Falls on the way. Well worth the hike, and if adventurous, there are few smaller falls to view beyond the top of Multnomah Falls, by hiking along Multnomah Creek In a beautiful rain forest setting.

The Columbia River Scenic Highway continues West to Horsetail Falls, also a drive up view with falls a short hike from the road that lay up and beyond it.

Heading East from Multnomah Falls are more large falls to see. Wahkenna Falls are a pretty, low volume cascade that is viewable from the road. Bridal Veil Falls, is off the Highway and requires some hiking to view. Latourell Falls have a good parking area, and are visible from the road. Finally, an unexpected sight is the Vista House, and is worth the time to investigate.

If you are in Portland, and have several hours to spare this attraction will not disappoint?