Nevada Falls in the Yosemite Valley is the finale of the Mist Trail. The Merced River is the source for Nevada Falls and drops 594 feet to the granite rock jumbles below. Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls make the Mist Trail hike well worth the effort it takes to get there and back.

The top of the Nevada Falls is a sprawling granite area situated below the Southern side of the Liberty Cap. There is a foot bridge that crosses the Merced River not more than one hundred feet from the edge of Nevada Falls. The Merced River is a raging torrent under the bridge and off the granite precipice to create the iconic Nevada Falls. The North side of the bridge has a short descent to an amazing viewing area where the true scope of the falls can be experienced.

Many people may turn back after making the hike to Vernal Falls, I would encourage anyone to go the extra several miles because Nevada Falls is worth the pain.