North Head Lighthouse, established in 1898, is in Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington. The grounds have the lighthouse with maintenance buildings on the bluff, and the Lighthouse Keepers residence, and two Assistant Lighthouse Keepers residences above in a meadow.

In its early days, the North Head Lighthouse ran dusk to dawn service with its First Order Fresnel lens by a team of one Head Lighthouse Keeper with two assistants.  Kerosene powered the original beacon with a Signature broadcast of two white flashes every 30 seconds for 20 miles.  Her Daymark was a solid white exterior and a black roof.

North Head Lighthouse is accessible by taking a short hike down the lighthouse keeper’s trail from the parking lot.  It was foul weather when we were there, so the ocean was not visible, nor was the lighthouse until we were right on it.  Even without the view we wanted to see, we had the treat of viewing this structure.  What North Head Lighthouse loses in height to other lighthouses, it makes up for in character.  

The North Head Lighthouse is a testimony to the active restoration of a historical place.  Completed in 2019, the lighthouse is a testimony to craftsmanship of yesteryear and today.  North Head Lighthouse is a must see for lighthouse enthusiasts in the area.