Old Glory Rock is a nice 20 mile out and back ride that goes through French Gulch, California. French Gulch is a Gold Rush Town lost in time. I am not sure if this bike ride has a name, but I gave it one because of the boulder by the side of the road painted like Old Glory.  Lucky enough, the boulder is the perfect halfway point for a short twenty-mile ride.

Redding California has a wealth of places to ride on the road and off, and the Old Glory Rock ride delivers a smooth twenty-mile ride. Start the ride by parking at Highway 299 West and head 10 miles North on 106. This is a paved out and back road ride with a consistent assent rate that will keep you in double digits.At the very beginning of 106 is a massive Oak Tree, and a great place to stop on the way out for a picture.

The start of 106 goes downhill for a 1/2 mile, and then the casual assent that rules this ride begins. I say this ride is smooth, but I am riding on a 29″ Specialized Chisel Mountain Bike with Sawtooth 700x42c at 55 psi. Regardless of the road texture, this ride parallels Clear Creek for almost the entire ride, providing beautiful views of the creek bottom eco-system.

After 10 miles of gentle climbing, Old Glory Rock enters view, signaling the midpoint of the ride, or a landmark for progress on a much longer ride. A brief stop at Old Glory Rock, and it is time to descend. The next ten miles go by fast pedaling in the highest gears.

At the very end of the ride there is an ancient Oak Tree, scared by the Carr Fire, but very much alive. This is a place to stop and take a picture. The Oak is eight or nine feet across, and that is massive for an Oak in this area.