Parkville Road is located off of Dersch Road out of Anderson California, and provides a nice country road ride for a Mountain Bike Ride.  Parkville Road ends at Ash Creek Rd, with a less than a half a mile to the Sacramento River.  The pavement is grainy the entire ride, and would be rough for any thing other than a Mountain Bike.

A little over a mile in on the ride is the Parkville Historic Cemetery, and is worth stopping at for a while.  One tombstone even says killed by Indians.

Along the way you are sure to see nice views of Mount Lassen, Burney Mountain, with five miles of ranch land filled with cattle.  Ground Squirrels are abundant, and can be seen running throughout the ride.  We saw three Hawks as well, so the Ground Squirrels are probably tops on the menu.

If you are looking for a easy ten mile ride close to Anderson, this would be worth checking out.