Pigeon Point Light Station State Park in California is one of the First Order Fresnel Lighthouses open for public viewing. They have a nice museum, gift shop, and hostel accommodations.

The area prior to 1853 was known as Whale Point, after sinking of the Clipper Ship named Carrier Pigeon in 1853, it has since been known as Pigeon Point. The Carrier Pigeon was on its maiden voyage when it was ripped apart on the rocks hidden in the fog. The online brochure is very detailed describing both the past, and the present of the tallest lighthouse on the west coast.

The Lighthouse itself stands 115 feet tall, and was the tallest of its kind on the West Coast. It has an eight foot deep foundation, four feet thick base walls that taper to two feet at the top, with heavy brass framing for the Gallery Deck, Lantern Room, and the Cupola.

Inside the Pigeon Point Museum is the First Order Fresnel lens, that made this lighthouse a beacon to be reckoned with by even the worst of conditions. The 24 nine foot tall panels of the Fresnel Lens prism genius, are arranged to precisely focus the light source, and send it up to 24 miles out to sea. The ten second signature of this lighthouse is continued to this day using a modern light source installed in 1976, with the beautiful First Order Fresnel Lens sitting on display in the museum.

The Pigeon Point Light Station State Park is in the process of restoring this Maritime treasure, and is in need of Public Assistance. Here is a link to get started with Restoring Pigeon Point Light Station.