The Point Cabrillo Light Station on the Northern California Coast is an operating, historic, landmark attraction.  The light station itself is well worth the 1 mile round trip walk from the parking lot to the point, but there are several other exhibits along the way.

Along the path, there are a variety of signs asking questions about whales that are answered later on in the small ocean museum.  Before arriving at the Light Station itself there are three light keeper houses, and a the small ocean museum.  The main light keeper’s house has also been converted into a self guided museum that tells some of the history of the Light Station.

Once you arrive at the Light Station you will be greeted by a volunteer host that will spin the tail of the shipwrecked Frolic responsible for trade in that area, and the creation of the Light Station.

There is a wealth of knowledge about light stations, their signatures, and how they are built within the Point Cabrillo Light Station.  The station also has a nicely appointed gift shop to pick up a souvenir.