The first time I went to Potem Falls was in the late seventies. Back then it was unspoiled and had a Jurassic quality to it. Driving along Fenders Ferry Road you could hear it below, park and take your best guess on how to descend to it. I will never forget the one and a half inch thick that carpeted the entire area below the falls with various large leafed water plant species dispersed between the rocks. There were ferns and other plants extending up the sides, but the real magic was in the moss.

Four decades later and a lot has changed for Potem Falls. There is a parking area, a hiking trail, and an opportunity for people to visit a hidden gem of the north. The trail to the falls is probably around one half mile round trip and has a moderate grade. There are several areas to capture some nice pictures from the trail or to just stop and view it.

Unfortunately,the foot traffic to the falls has wiped out the moss that added a fairy tale quality to the pool area, but Potem Falls still has the magic. Potem Creek is narrowed between rocks before making a 70-foot freefall into a deep, large, and beautiful pool below. The effect of the freefalling water creates a mist that gently waters plant life in the pool area and cools visitors even in the hottest months of Summer.

Like all waterfalls, late Spring and early Summer are some of the best times to visit. Montgomery Creek Falls and Lion Slide Falls are a short drive away and would be an excellent addition to a waterfall day excursion.