Rogue Jet Boat Adventures is located in Central Point Oregon and operates on the Upper Rogue River. This is a family run business offering a one of a kind wet experience exhilarating and educational.

Make your reservation online or take your chances by showing up. The cost is 65 dollars for adults, 45 dollars for children and is worth every penny by today’s standards. I would recommend adding the meal onto the adventure, it is served at a historic building in Central Point by a business called “The Point”.

The meeting spot is located in Central Point on 131 North Front St in Central Point. They have a small mobile building set up in a gravel parking area that serves as the check in point. You will board a bus at this location and won’t return for three hours, however; there is a stop midway on the tour to take a break and use a porta potty if needed.

The tour starts with a ten minute bus ride to the dock under the bridge over Table Rock Road. The boat will glide in from down river, ease its nose into the dock for unloading and loading. The tour is taken on a newer 20 passenger custom aluminium river tour boat. The boat is highly maneuverable providing the captain various options to make the ride both fun and safe. Throughout the tour the boat will make planned spins and brakes that throw water onto the passengers bringing relief on a hot summer day as well as a small adrenal response.

The guide takes the group on an adventure filled fast river navigation with a thoughtful historical narrative. The information covers the geological, cultural and current aspects of the area under the famous Table Rocks. In its history the Upper Rogue River is steeped with controversy and tragedy of the indigenous people revealed in the presentations powerful message. The planned renewal of the river after the gold era has restored a portion of what was lost due to the damage mining operations inflict on the land.

The first section of the tour is upriver passing through miles of upper scale homes and a few mansion like residences on the shoreline. Most of this area is populated by celebrities, executives and other prominent personalities and has been for nearly a century. The tour pauses below Rattlesnake Rapid before changing direction and heading downriver.

Lush plant life dominates the shoreline of the Upper Rogue River providing a perfect home for wildlife. On our trip we saw various birds, deer, and a bear and we weren’t watching for wildlife.

The lower part of the tour passes under the Table Rocks and makes a stop at a small pond. Everyone exits the boat for a brief respite at a nicely appointed rest stop. There are portable bathrooms, picnic tables, historical displays, and you can even try to catch a fish from a prepared dock on the pond.

The return upriver starts at the site of the Gold Ray Dam that furnished power for gold mining operations and then for the community of Central Point. It is difficult to perceive what the area looked like before the effects of the dam, but since the dam removal in 2010 there is rebirth. Salmon run freely, and plants repopulate the once flooded flats below the Table Rocks.

The way back upstream to the finish is straight-forward, fast and fun with the bus waiting at the parking lot near the dock. Fifteen minutes later you could be at The Point enjoying their delicious food and atmosphere. Rogue Jet Boat Adventures is professional, informative and put together carefully by its owners.