This ride is short but very sweet.   The ride starts at a small parking lot across from the Brandy Creek Trail from the bathrooms near the road.  It is possible to climb up the road but I almost always take the trail along Brandy Creek. One good thing about going up the trail is it shows where to pop back in on the way down. Brandy Creek Falls Trailhead is the goal on the way up and the key to finding the Rich Gulch Trail.

Once at Brandy Creek Fall’s Trailhead just follow the steep trail towards the falls to the Davis Gulch Trail and turn left. Brandy Creek Falls is just a short 1/4 mile further and worth seeing if you have the time.   There is plenty of steep climbing to be had on the way to the top of the Rich Gulch Trail and the beginning of the downhill section of the ride. The Rich Gulch Trail has a wonderful flowing feel to it that is sure to be a favorite.

After finishing the Rich Gulch Trail downhill, it is on the dirt road to the next downhill section right after the Bally Road turn off. One hundred feet or less on the left is the beginning of a steep gnarly section of trail that the faint of heart will want to skip.

The final section of downhill is on the original section of trail you should have ridden up unless you took the road. This is the last section of trail on the way to the car.  The good part about this ride is it is almost impossible to get lost on, just find the road and go downhill.  The bad part is there is some pretty aggressive climbing, be prepared to use some low gears.

Route: The Chimney
Activity: Mountain Bike
Distance: 8.96 miles
Average Speed: 4.83 mph
Fastest Speed: 15.30 mph
Ascent: 1422
Descent: 1417
Calories: 647
Notes: Jun 27, 2015  9:12 am