Starting at Whiskeytown Falls and ending at the Peltier Parking Lot, this shuttle ride will deliver variety to fill even the biggest appetite.  This ride is only meant for advanced riders with a very healthy endurance level.

There are three waterfalls to see on this ride and well worth the effort,  Whiskeytown Falls, Boulder Creek Falls, and Brandy Creek Falls.  I would suggest pushing your bike in and out of the Whiskeytown Falls, for some reason, it is closed to bicycle traffic.  The push to the falls probably won’t be the only pushing done on this ride before it is over.

The trails covered over the course of this ride are Mill Creek Road, Boulder Creek, Papoose Trail, Brandy Creek Trail, Rich Gulch Trail, Salt Creek (AKA The Couch), Peltier Trail(AKA Recliner), and the final drop to the Need Camp. Going up the Couch is short but it is like repelling uphill, a good alternative would be to stay on the road after Rich Gulch and turn right on the Peltier Road.

Route: Three Falls Enduro
Activity: Mountain Bike
Distance: 27.47 miles
Ascent: 6412
Descent: 7337
Calories: 1856