Tom Head Lookout sits 6761 feet high in the SW portion of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. There are multiple ways to get there but be prepared to find a locked gate a short distance from the top.

Tom Head Lookout doesn’t seem to be manned, and the tower is locked. Without access to the tower, views are difficult. The day I went it was smoky, so they were even worse.

The good part about Tom Head is the ride in the area. The route on the map has 65 plus miles of dirt road. The landscape changes from the lower hills to the mountains. All of the areas have large burn scars from recent fires, but there are many areas that are either untouched or somehow survived even though they burned.

On the way out, Pattymocus Butte Lookout is easily accessible and has an open tower with a great view. I didn’t stop on the day because I was tired but coming back later, I found it to be visible and a short distance from the main dirt road.

This is a long dirt ride with big views, some big trees, and some really great roads to open he throttle.