The newly completed French Fry Trail is one of the finest Mountain bike trails in the Redding area. Incorporating the beloved old French Fry the new Upper French Fry makes a complete work of trail art.

The builders of this trail deserve a special kind of praise because this is far more than just a riding trail, it is the essence of the sport itself defined on a dirt canvas. The endless supply of rollers provide speed boosts for pumping up the hills and then create excitement on the decent. The turns have been properly banked or bermed to inspire confidence and a roller coaster rail feel. Even though some of the technical aspects of the Old French Fry trail have been eliminated or built around I believe even the die-hards will love this amazing addition to our local trail system.

I did an out and back on the new French Fry, usually I prefer loops but I am thinking this one may change my thinking. There are two places to out and back this ride from, start at either the Middle Creek Trailhead or the one off of Iron Mountain Road at Rock Creek. I started at Rock Creek because I like doing the longest climb in the beginning of the ride.

Route: French Fry Out And Back
Distance: 11.55 miles
Ascent: 1121
Descent: 1205
Calories: 503