Vernal Falls in the Yosemite Valley is a breathtaking plunge type waterfall on the Merced River. Vernal Falls is located about half way up the Mist Trail on the way to Nevada Falls, with an ascent of around 1000’ from the beginning of the trail.

The Mist Trail starts off with a steep grade, and continues the taxing incline all the way to Vernal Falls. There is a rest station where the trail crosses a bridge over the Merced River. The rest station is well appointed with bathrooms and fresh drinking water.

Vernal Falls comes into view on the approach to a long granite stair climb. The man made stone staircase climbs well over 300 vertical feet from where it starts to the top of the falls. This is where the soaking is really going to take place when the Merced river is at high flow, and the true meaning of the Mist Trail can be experienced. On this magic stair climb there are a multitude of places to stop and reflect on the stirring beauty timelessly on display.

Vernal Falls is a bucket list sight to see. Nestled deep in the Yosemite Valley Vernal Falls yields a type of grandeur that is second to none.