Weaver Bally Lookout is one hour and fifteen minutes from downtown Redding California, depending on traffic, conditions, and speed. 

The way to the top is one of the fastest to the top of any lookout in the area. 299 West to Weaverville is a great tarmac route full of high-speed corners with just the right bank. Then Weaver Bally Lookout Road is equally as enjoyable as the highway with its steep but smooth climb. Near the top the traverses the side of a ridge to the top, and the lookout is in full view.

The day I went I was met with fog from Buckhorn Summit to about one third of the way up the Weaver Bally Road. Once above it I could see the fog extended throughout the valley like a large lake. Atop Weaver Bally is an unmanned lookout with platform access, and viewing of Monument Peak, Trinity Alps, Bully Choop, and the Lassen Peak area are all in full view. There are grander views, but this one is worth the trip.

The Lookout itself is in keen shape with the top deck open for viewing. These days most fire lookouts have been closed due to vandalism or some other reason. The railing on Weaver Bally has location marks as to the view from that point, being a native I didn’t need them but someone else would find them quite useful.